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Every solution can leverage advanced server technologies normally reserved for only the largest organizations. Storage Area Networks provide a high performance platform that will scale quickly and easily. Fail-over and Redundancy can make your service uninterruptible. This offers the flexibility to grow or shrink as required to meet business needs. We put the most powerful tech within reach to any company!

The cloud is freedom from the headaches of I.T.
Focus on what makes you money! Let our qualified experts take care of the server horsepower your business requires to DO business. Deploy your Websites, Programs and data in our secure facilities and stop worrying about where to find experts. What makes us different? We aren't just handy with a server. Our experts also specialize in optimizing software:

ATMOSphere managed services uses Infrascale technology to provide cloud-based backup and restore to our data centers.

Our Technology

Technology counts! Infrascale provides block-based backup to minimize bandwidth and maximize frequency.

The flexibility of cloud backup vs. local storage keeps costs under

Industry’s best set of features

Our Backup Service

• Dedicated team monitoring
• Email notifications
• Data written to the Cloud
• Fully automated
• Minimized bandwidth used
• Fully encrypted
• Optional concierge services aim to optimize the degree of protection vs. cost

Concierge Promise

Our team will ‘manage’ the protection of your data.

Our experts will balance data written to the cloud against the local clone to save money.

Our focus will ensure that the backup will be there if needed.


Assessments, surveys, research and documentation to give you the information you need, when your business needs it. From the planning stage to hardware installation, to building application environments and implementing security protocols, we provide start-to-finish project management and implementation services.

1) Specialists in Microsoft Windows server, LINUX and Macintosh to optimize platform.

2) Experts with Databases, Mail systems and the protocols and services that run software.

3) Every customer will work with an architect with 10+ years of experience.


Strategy & Management

Strategic planning that is flexible

A strategic plan needs to be flexible without compromising the core business goals of your organization, and should allow for the possibility of new initiatives or a strategic pivot. Our process-driven approach to IT strategic planning lays a foundational plan while leaving possibilities open.

When it comes time to choose a governance model for your IT operation, we help define your services precisely. We provide strategic IT planning and architectural services informed by expertise and road-tested through experience.

PROGRAMMING & Development

An analysis  of the your marketing and business objectives is completed  using the standard Project Scoping Process. Then a comprehensive  development plan is developed including a detailed list of  functionality, design requirements, timelines and budget for the  project.

The Alliance implements, maintains and improves the online presence for our clients; according to your specific business, technology, promotional and organizational  requirements.

During the design, development and marketing plan implementation the Alliance maintains an open line of communication through the entire development process.


The Strategic Alliance of Business Technology Disciplines provides an efficient and cost-effective way to acquire hardware. With strategic partnerships, the Alliance provides procurement solutions that make the most of your purchasing dollars in sourcing your software, hardware and licensing  needed to deploy and maintain your network.

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